Home Cleaning

We understand your home is important to you. That’s why we focus on the quality of the clean. On top of that, we know every home is different, so we allow you to give us special requests for those hard to reach places.

What is included? 

Surfaces dusted and wiped, floors cleaned (hoovered if provided), basic organisation, all rubbish removed and bags replaced, showers and baths scrubbed, toilets scrubbed and wiped, sinks, counters, and mirrors wiped, dishes washed and dishwasher emptied, cooker, and fridge exterior wiped, microwave wiped (in/out).


Deep Cleaning, move In / move out cleaning, cleaning inside the fridge, cleaning inside the cabinets, cleaning inside the oven, one hour of organising, cleaning interior windows, cleaning interior walls, one load of laundry.

What we can't clean?

 Exterior windows, carpet cleaning, animal waste, mold removal, rust removal / rust cleaning, industrial cleaning, post Construction / renovation cleaning, lifting of heavy items, surfaces above arms reach, high ceiling fans.